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For Car bookings only:

  • Toll charges, parking, State Tax etc will be paid by customer.

  • Cancellation / shortening of the trip has to be done 48 hrs before the trip takes place.

  • The kilometers and hours charged would start from and end at vendor’s rental office.

  • Charges for additional kms and hours for local duties and for outstation duties amount will be paid directly to the driver.

  • If the car is used after 10:00pm, driver allowance will be charged for that day.Payable directly to driver.


For Tour Packages:

  1. Car usage other than booked/ trip’s itinerary will be chargeable and payable in cash to the driver.

  2. Car will be staying for limited period on daily basis.

  3. Customized services which will be out of scope if any will be chargeable against cash payment/billed separately.

  4. Food taste and comfort ability varies from person to person, therefore we do not assure/ give any guarantee on this,though we will try to fulfil at utmost level

  5. No Refund or deduction will be allowed for any unutilised services once the trip has been confirmed/freezed/booked.

  6. If Hotels won’t be making any refund on cancellation for any trip,then it has to be adjusted with next booking by your organization/group/family,within hotel’s time frame.Party won’t get refunds,they can book the hotel later in future.Party will be getting credit note/certificate of the same.

  7. All applicable Cancellation charges will be billed if we have to bear charges if any on and above quotation.

  8. Modification of any services on the spot (during the trip) will be allowed only when we find the case is genuinely required to be rectified and next scope of arrangement (within the same budget ) will be available. Any modification/demand which will be out of scope will be chargeable and billed separately. No modifications will be allowed for pre-paid services.

  9. Quotation Rates are subject to change without any prior notice

  10. Rooms/Hotels given in quotation are subject to availability.

  11. No blockage /bookings have been done till we do not give any booking confirmation.

  12. Quotation Rates are subject to change if any modification arises

  13. Surcharge is applicable if tour is conducted /fallen on any special days/ local/national holidays/celebrations etc.

  14. Unitl and unless specifically stated Train/Bus/Air/Cruise etc fares remains excluded at the quotation.

  15. Please go through the Includes and Excludes carefully.

  16. Tours/sightseeing which may not be conducted due to unavoidable circumstances like sudden bandh/strike, cancellation of flights, weather change etc.In such cases next best possible scope will be identified and offered. In case no other option will be available /customer rejects next offer then point 5 & 7of above will be applicable.

  17. In case of International bookings,all International cancellation rules/policy/charges will be applicable to the customer.

  18. Airfares given separately in quotation if any, than those rates are tentative only.

  19. In case of international bookings, latest Dollar/local currency (applicable on that country) Vs Indian Rupee rates will be applicable at the time of booking, immaterial of the prices/quotations published in any form.

  20. If itinerary is based on the budget provided by the customer then we may have the limitations to entertain every aspect of the tour.

**Applicable on – Budget/Economy/ Standard Packages


Hotel booking

  1. Booking & Cancellation charges as per hotel’s policy.

  2. Topindianiantrips.com would deduct minimum 15% on the refundable amount as administrative fee and any extra charges we have to bear if any on cancellation.

  3. Early check in & late checkout are chargeable.

  4. The above rates are subject to change without notice on some specific hotels, therefore confirmation is required before making any booking.

  5. Terms used:

  6. Sgl – Single Lux – Luxurious S.Dlx – Super Deluxe
    Dbl – Double Prm – Premium Std – Standard
    Incl. – inclusive Dlx – Deluxe  
  1. Hotels which have declared officially 3*/5* are marked 3*/5*, rest are categorised on the basis of facilities available with them.

  2. Std – Non star category of hotels with basic facilities, not to keep high expexctations.Wi fi at rooms, comfort ability are generally absent from these properties.

    Deluxe – equivalent to 3* category of hotels.

    S.Deluxe – equivalent to 4* category of hotels.

    Premium – equivalent to 5* category of hotels

    Luxury – equivalent to 5*/higher category of hotels

  1. Hotels/palaces/Havelis may have some limitations due to their location /structure/ permits etc. Please be sure that you have to bear them during your stay.We can guide you on these.

  2. Any specific facility if customer requires during the stay then it should be mailed before booking so that according to that property can be selected.

  3. Most of the hotels have common facilities like swimmingpool, gym, Wifi, rooftop restaurant, bars, mountain/river/palace view from rooms, but any specific requirement must be given beforehand.

  4. Carrying valid id proof is must during check in, otherwise you won't be allowed to stay inspite of your confirmed booking.

  5. During local/national festive season/New Year/Christmas/fairs etc the given rates may not be applicable, confirmation of rates are must before booking.

  6. The rates are given for twin & single bedded rooms only.Please ask separate quotation for groups. Generally minimum bookings of 5 – 7 double bedded rooms are considered under group.

  7. Room rates given in quotation may not be a confirmed rate. Confirmed rate will be available at the actual time of booking.


Cancellation & Refund rules from 1st July'14:

  1. For Orders whose payments were made but cannot be processed due to situations beyond the control of Chhuty.com or Force Majeure, 100% (Full) refund will be done within 15 – 20 working days.

  2. Cancellation request, if any after receipt of payment will attract the cancellation charges over and above the cancellation charges of the respective service provider.

Cancellation charges by Chhuty.com ( deductable on the refundable amount of service providers) are as follows:

  Upto 7 Heads Above 7 Heads (Group)
For Holiday packages within India Rs.700/- per passenger Rs 550/- per passenger
For Holiday packages outside India Rs.1200/- per passenger Rs 1100/- per passenger
For Domestic Flight tickets One way Rs 250/- per passenger Rs 200/- per passenger
For International Flight tickets One way Rs 750/- per passenger Rs 500/- per passenger
For Hotel booked within/ outside India 15% of the published tariff 12% of the published tariff
For car bookings 20% of the bill amount 20% of the bill amount
For others like bus/ train tickets etc Rs 100/- per passenger Rs 75/- per passenger
For Cruise Rs 2000 per passenger Rs 1700 per passenger
For Visas /others Rs 350/ per passenger Rs 300/ per passenger

  • i) In case of partial cancellation (passenger not travelling, before the day of journey), Chhuty.com would charge 60% of the above cancellation charges only in the cases of upto 7 heads.
  • ii) Cancellation during peak time/ special days we may charge Rs 500/- per passenger additional on all the above cancellation charges
  1. Order cancellation may attract other charges like Service Tax, Convenience charges like online payments @ 3% of refundable value, courier charges etc, which will be deducted from the paid amount.

  2. All cancellation policies & deductions of respective service provider whose service is made availed by Chhuty.com whether Online or Offline will be applicable to the customer.

    The user/customer are advised to carefully read the cancellation and refund policies of the respective service providers before making any bookings.It will be the responsibility of the customer to ask for the cancellation rules of the respective service provider.

  3. Cancellation should be done within the stipulated time provided for a particular service by the service provider. Customer must go through the cancellation rules of service provider before placing any order. Chhuty.com cannot be held liable for any charges or complaints under any and all circumstances. Chhuty.com may display the cancellation and refund rules of the service provider on its site.

  4. In case of any short payment received via offline, the order will be treated as pending and cancellation charges will be applicable in case of cancellation.

  5. Any promotions, deals, services may be exclusive/non exclusive in nature. Cancellation charges will be applicable if customer choose for cancellation & claims for any refund. Refund will be made only after deducting all necessary cancellation charges.

  6. All refunds will be made by Chhuty.com then only when we receive the complete refundable amount from respective service providers after deducting our cancellation charges.It may take upto 20 days to process your refund.

    Cancellation & Refund request will be entertained only via mail. No verbal or any other mode of communication will be entertained under any circumstances.

  7. This Cancellation and Refund Policy will be applicable in addition to and over and above any other such cancellation and refund related terms and conditions displayed anywhere else in the website Chhuty.com and the user/customer agrees to abide by all such policies.

  8. Purchase of any products or service from the website Chhuty.com or Topindiantrips.com will mean that the user/customer has read completely and agrees to all the terms and conditions including cancellation, privacy & refund policies of the website Chhuty.com /Topindiantrips.com and any claim to the contrary would not be entertained.

  9. Bookings would be cancelled if we do not receive 100% dues of total bill amount at least 20 days before the day of journey.All cancellation charges will be applied with addition of 10% extra on the total bill amount.

  10. Cancellation & Refund policy and any other policies are subject to change without any prior notice.Please check our websites www.chhuty.com & www.topindiantrips.com for latest updates.

This Privacy Policy is effective from December 10, 2010.

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